How we work

We supply only top quality materials from our US, Australian and Asian sources, many of which are produced to our own design requirements. Our long history of involvement in major projects has given us sound experience in the timely supply of materials to meet site conditions and schedules. We also understand well the need to co-ordinate with Main Contractors so that our installations are not initiated before site conditions realistically permit.

We maintain a comprehensive stock range of over 1 million items of 250 species allowing us to provide prompt deliveries as and when these are required.

Our complimentary design service starts with the basics, co-ordinating your location requirements with the shape, size and colour of each tree, plant and container.

We have developed extensive layout design expertise over the last 15 years, and this allows us to locate the best planting areas in an Architect's outfitting plans, or to apply one-off solutions " from scratch" to an empty Floor Plan.

Whether it's a new project or a seasonal refurbishment, Plant-a-Park can custom design the answer to your project's needs.

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